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High-quality shea butter kissed with  memorable fragrances!

This is my Why!


I started Hadassah Beauty Live Nourished...back in 2014. My husband Robert encouraged me to make my own whipped Shea butter and body creams by putting his money where his mouth was! He invested into me by buying me 25 lbs of shea butter!


My neighbor Selena Balmer and I had fun in our little Decatur neighborhood getting our kids together while we played with different recipes and fragrances. By the time, we moved to Nashville in 2015, I was using the rest of the Shea butter just on me. I had so much that it didn’t run out until 2017.


Now, I had a new problem!


Finding shea butter in Nashville!


My husband and my mother-in-law introduced me to the annual #AfricanStreetFestival over by #TSU that was our time as a people to celebrate our culture, our food, our art, our dance and our vending.


This was the one time a year that I could buy Shea butter from a Black person! I knew other people who laughed and realized the same thing!


There was no where to buy it except at Walmart or a beauty supply store. In 2019, I changed that! #hadassahbeauty #vision #mywhy #sheabutter #nourished #skin #beautiful

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